Sharing Status Updates to non-Asana users

Hello! I am coming up with a recommendation for my manager regarding how to share status updated with executives in our company. Not all of the executives he has to report to are asana users. Currently we are recommending screenshotting the status updates and putting them in a powerpoint, but i feel like there should be an easier way to do this. Does anyone have any input?

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In case you have the Asana email notifications enabled you could set up a portfolio containing these projects and then set up an automatic forwarding in your inbox for such report emails from Asana: Email notifications | Product guide • Asana

The automatic forwarding could be based on specific keywords.
Or you can create an email, add this email to the relevant projects or portfolio and filter the relevant updates this way and forward.

You could also print it and email

Here is another option: How to Email task status updates to clients outside the Organization - #2 by Paul_Grobler


Very good idea @Andrea_Mayer , forgot about that one!

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