Looking for Best Tools to Generate and Email Reports

I am looking for guidance in the following -

This is what we would like to create reports on from Asana:

  1. tasks unassigned
  2. tasks unscheduled by assignee
  3. tasks without effort hours by assignee (custom number field which we had before Asana added the “estimated time” field). (Asana reporting can’t create a chart for this, but I have a saved search with custom filters to track this.)
  4. tasks being continuously rescheduled (not sure how to track)
  5. overdue tasks by assignee
  6. upcoming personal due dates
  7. upcoming timeline due dates

What I know Asana reporting/chart capabilities currently are:

  1. tasks unassigned - number count turns to list view
  2. tasks unscheduled by assignee
  3. overdue tasks by assignee
  4. upcoming personal due dates
  5. upcoming timeline due dates (custom date field)

Asana saved search capabilities:

  1. tasks without effort hours (custom field) by assignee
  2. Recently created tasks/features

Based on that information, I would like to generate daily or weekly emails to each team member to report on the tasks they are assigned to regarding the following:

  1. What was accomplished (today) (i.e. what moved to the next status (custom field) or what was closed)
  2. tasks without due dates
  3. tasks without effort hours
  4. tasks being continuously rescheduled
  5. overdue tasks
  6. upcoming (tomorrow’s) task count
  7. upcoming (tomorrow’s) tasks marked high priority
  8. upcoming (tomorrow’s) effort hour workload
  9. upcoming (tomorrow’s) tasks due
  10. upcoming (tomorrow’s/next week’s) timeline due dates

Any advice how to create these reports and emails? Any software that would be useful? So far I haven’t found a good one.

Thank you!