📈 Healthy Organization in Asana - reporting on unscheduled and unassigned tasks

I figure this could be useful for the Asana community since is a question I have seen a lot not just within the Ambassadors but also from clients, specifically the project managers.

Is about getting a report that gives you tasks that have no assignee and no due dates.

One of the charts I always create for clients in their Asana Health Dashboard is one that gives them all unscheduled and unassigned tasks.

You can get unscheduled tasks in reporting, so what I have worked with clients is getting reportings by teams to get their “unscheduled/unassigned tasks”.

The one clients use the most (because is very visual) is a Donut chart style, to report on tasks, from your organization:

  • Group: Project.
  • Measure: Task count.


  • Task status: Unscheduled.
  • Task completion: Incomplete.
  • Assignees: Exclude your team members so you only see unassigned tasks.


  • Break it down by team if you have a large organization.

This customized report saves you from running multiple searches and filters to find disorganized tasks. You can quickly view and cleanup any tasks that need attention.

I have done this already for +20 clients (with little to almost non rotation in their personal so this dashboards does not require maintenance unless you have someone new in the team) - these are clients with less than 20 employees which is very quick to implement, and we made it this way to get both tasks with no assignee and no due date, because we were not able to get both from an advance search - you could by sorting the search by assignee but then is not so userfriendly, instead the chart is more userfriendly.

This chart will give you a clear visualization of those unscheduled / unassigned tasks, organized by project, which is actually very useful.

Here is a quick video for better understanding:

Hope it works.


Thanks for sharing, @Barbara_Ramirez :heart: I’ve added some keywords in the title to make sure folks looking for reporting on unscheduled/unassigned tasks get to this post :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing. For the exclude team members part of this, to find the tasks that are unassigned. Is there an easy way to fill all those in without having to type each of them in manually? We have 46 team members in ours so it’s going to be too difficult to type them in manually one-by-one.

Hey Jason - the only way to get unassigned tasks in Asana (as of right now) is by doing an Advance search, selecting “Assigned to” > “Nobody”:

unassigned tasks from advanced search

Note that this search does not gives you the ability to get unscheduled tasks as well - you will need to sort the search by due date, and the scroll down until the near end of the search (depending on the volume of tasks that the search brings you.

The thing is that my clients wanted to get this in a chart because the wanted to get an overview of the Unscheduled and Unassigned tasks (by month), rather that going to a “save search” everytime, and that is how I come up with that chart for them.

Again, is not ideal, and it is definetly not scalable for larger teams, for the companies I’ve setup this chart are no bigger than 20 people, and the rotation is near to zero, so is a chart that requires low maintenance.