I'd like to be able to view "unscheduled" tasks for a project or workspace

The “unscheduled” tasks view in “my tasks” is really nice, but I can’t find a similar view for a project or workspace.

As the lead of a project it would be nice to have this view to double check that nothing is being missed.

I was gonna say like “why don’t you use the search” but indeed you can’t search for tasks without a due date. You can use the Universal Reporting or Projet Dashboard and add the “Task status” filter, see image. Then you can use clickthrough to click on pieces of the chart and be taken to search results.

Does this help?


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Hi @jvb, thanks for reaching out! I think the solution that Bastien provided will work really well, you can learn more about our reporting features here:

Let us know if you have any other questions!

I don’t think this would meet my needs, however I can’t try it since I’m on the free version. I also don’t think it makes sense to have different ways to do things for “my tasks” vs “project” vs “workspace / team”.

The “my tasks” > “calendar” > “unscheduled” view is really nice — why not have that available for all places the calendar appears to have some consistency in the product?

Oh I did not realise the unscheduled button was not everywhere, good catch indeed.

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