Reporting Needs Task Status an ‘unassigned’

The universal reporting needs the option to select Task Status an ‘unassigned’ so we can pull a report showing all tasks unassigned just as we can for tasks unscheduled.


Hi @Getz_Pro, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback.

This would be a great addition to reporting! Hopefully this is something we can see our Product team introduce in the future.

I’ll let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

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I found a way to SEARCH for unassigned tasks: Search for unassigned tasks

But when I apply the same filter to charters (assignee = nobody), it won’t save. Any workaround?

Another use case where charts should have the same display options as search! :sob:

when building a chart that has an axis for assignee, but you don’t select an assignee, the chart cannot fill in.

Asana needs to add to the Task Status an ‘unassigned’

We are really hoping a solution for this.
Is it coming already, or must we continue hop-hop-hoping it?

I found a workaround.

  1. Add a number chart type
  2. For task completion status, select incomplete
  3. Add a filter for assignees, and exclude everyone.

It may not work for large organizations, but for small teams it works.


Added my vote to this. Working on a large project where a goal is to get as much tasks as possible assigned and I need to see the number of unassigned tasks and track that over time. I hoped I could do this with reporting. But it seems like it’s not possible. Any other ideas are also welcome.

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Yes, really need this feature.

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Yes we need this desperately :slight_smile:

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We also need this. We accept submissions via form and need a way to check if requests aren’t being picked up

This workaround helped my use case. Thank you!