Search for unassigned tasks


Hi there,

we are implementing ASANA with great satisfaction. One improvement that would help us further, would be a search functionality to show every unassigned task - to pick them up and give them a responsibility.

Maybe there is another way to filter for these, which we didn´t find out. So any hints in this direction are appreciated :slight_smile:



Ho @Georg_Wende,

there seems to be a non documented search for unassigned tasks:

  • Start the advanced search

  • Search for the term “nobody” in the Assigned To field.

In my case the result were to my surprise all non assigned taks.

You might also try searching for “not me”. That’s very useful, I think.

Does anyone know more non documented special search strings? Or are they documented and I just didn’t know them…


Finding tasks that have an assignee

And of course we have requested the same for no Due Date.


Is there a way to search for unassigned tasks without premium? We can only do Advanced Searches with the premium membership.