Where do tasks that are unassigned and without a project go?



I just realized that I have no idea where my tasks that are unassigned and without a project go. I unassigned a task on My Task list that didn’t have a project and now I’m not sure where it’s at.

Is there somewhere I can go to see all of my unassigned and un-projected tasks?


If you’re Premium then you can use Advanced Search. And by default you have a report “Tasks I created” where you can find them (but not only unassigned).


Awesome! Thank you @Julien_RENAUD! I see them in the “Tasks I Created” report.


Having a similar problem myself. If I add a ask to “My tasks” and then un-assign it, there seems to be no easy way to find it without doing a advanced search.

I jus assign myself a bunch of tasks at the start of he day, any I dont get done, I unnassign. But I realise a bunch of tasks have gone missing becuase they were created in the “My tasks” view. Seems like a easy thing to do. Is there a way to set a default project?

Whats the official/correct workflow on this?


In addition to using the “Tasks I Created” report, as Julien mentioned Premium users can use Advanced Search - to find those orphaned tasks that have no project assigned, enter No Project in the Advanced Search “In projects” field. The Asana Guide has this and other similar tips for Advanced Search.