Tasks Disappearing

Hello, was wondering if others have experienced this.

I create a task in My Tasks and haven’t assigned it to a project folder. I’m going to assign it to someone, but accidentally delete myself to the assignment, then the task disappears immediately from my task list. If I then click on another task (for whatever reason, to refresh my memory on who is working on what), then the task I had created disappears and goes into limbo. While training the employees, this has come up several times by accident. Some of the tasks were real and all the details were gone.

I understand that adding it to a project, then assigning it to no one, would prevent it from being deleted, but to me that seems to be an accident waiting to happen to employees that are just getting used to Asana.

Any suggestions? Or can this be recovered? I’m new to Asana the last week and considering upgrading to Premium, but testing the waters first. Thanks.

Your task is not deleted, you have at least 2 solutions to recover it:

  1. Use the searchbar to find it
  2. Use the report “Tasks I’ve Created” and the task will appear in the list
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Great thank you! I didn’t see that there.

One other thing,

If I create the task and assigned it to someone else, but that person unassigns it by accident, how can they recover it? Is that available on the premium advanced searches, or must they contact the original task creator to have them restore it?

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I’m not premium then I cannot confirm in details what kind or researches you can make.
They can use the search bar too if they know the name of the tasks.

According to me, managing tasks outside of projects is not very easy. With projects you minimize risks to lose the tasks as they are stored in the project.

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Hi @Sam_J & @Julien_RENAUD , Shannon from Asana here!
The Advanced Search feature (search bar at top > Advanced Search) is a great way to locate tasks. You can search tasks that you or your coworker are following since you’d still be following (~ CC-ed) on those tasks that you were assigned. This feature is available on free & premium Asana.

A good rule of thumb is to have all tasks live in a project and have an assignee, so you can always make sure things are easy to locate! :slight_smile:


Hi @Shannon_McNeil
Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
Are you sure this is a free feature also ?
I’m using the free version, and when I click on Advanced Search I get the following window:


Great thanks!

@Julien_RENAUD - You’re right! Advanced Search is a Premium feature - https://asana.com/guide/resources/info-sheets/premium-brief - Sorry about the confusion there!

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Hi, I am having a similar problem. Our random (newer) tasks in a very busy project are not visible in the “board” view but when we search them they are available and then it pops up in the board view. The UI seems to not show all my tasks in my project but it is still available via search. Is this a known issue?

Not at all, can you share a screenshot of the project? You can anonymize with https://www.facepixelizer.com/. I am wondering if you don’t have filters applied, or maybe you are talking about subtasks?