Where do tasks go if you remove them from all their projects?

OK so if you have a task that is not assigned to anyone, and you remove it from all the projects that it’s homed in, where do you find it?

I know you might get lucky with a search— that seems to find them, as long as you know what to search for.

Is there a place in Asana where all “no project” tasks go? Like some sort of task purgatory?


Tasks either need to be assigned to someone or homed in a project, if they do not have one or the other property they would be considered a deleted task,

Maybe this post by @Richard_Sather will help.

These tasks remain in Asana but would only be discoverable by search or by keeping track of the link.

They are valuable as a way of providing access at the task level without providing access to higher levels like project, for example.


@lpb – This did behave differently than I expected! I can’t believe I hadn’t come across this/tried this before today!

@Matt5 – to add to what @lpb has said, you can add the filter of assigned to “Nobody” in the advanced search to limit the results you return when searching for a task. Unfortunately there isn’t a way that I am aware of to select “No Projects”

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Great point about Assigned to “Nobody” and there is a “No Project” option too!


Ah so there is a sort of purgatory, you just have to find it with a search. How interesting.

Thank you both!

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