Where has 'Deleted Items' gone in the new sidebar redesign?

UPDATE: see solution below

As you may have already heard, the sidebar is getting a makeover to make it easier to navigate Asana . Some of you may have already signed up for the early release and tested it like myself, until this redesign rolls out to everyone soon!

In case that anyone might be looking for the ‘Deleted Items’ that used to be under ‘Favorites > Show more’ in the old design, it has been relocated in the new redesign to somewhere not entirely expected; under your Profile picture > More > View my deleted tasks & messages

Hope this help :wink:


@Richard_Sather - I’m so glad you posted this. Very helpful resource.

To the Asana team: it’s still not a very intuitive place for this feature, but it’s much better than being hidden under Favorites > Show More. :slight_smile: I hope you’ll keep refining this.

However, the other elements of the new layout are turning out to be quite amazing. I love it!

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Hi @Bryan_TeamKickstart , glad you found it helpful!

And you’re absolutely right, in the old design it is hidden under ‘Show more’ in Favorites, so I have edited my original post to reflect that point, thanks!

Stumbled on this by chance the other day. Good post.

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Hi @Richard_Sather Thanks for this post! I’ve just got the updated sidebar redesign today, but I don’t have the ‘more’ option under my profile photo. Do you know if this is something that may be rolled out to me at a later date?

Hi @Megan_Cook , I’ve been meaning to update this post due to a recent A/B test to the Profile menu which it sounds like you are now seeing the below, with the ‘More’ menu gone, right?

So currently, with the new sidebar redesign and the profile menu redesign, there is no visible link to get to Deleted items.

:bulb: The only workaround is to use Advanced search: leave the search title blank and then +Add a filter > More > Deleted and then select ‘Deleted’ as the option, then hit Search.

If you do the above it should show all deleted items, but you can also use the following link:
and don’t forget to save your search to the Starred section for easy access!

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Ah great, thanks very much!

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Thanks for the workaround! Do we know if there’s plans to make the old deleted items view accessible, wherever they happen to but the button?

Hi @Clare_Specht unfortunately Asana doesn’t make their roadmap public so we can’t know for sure, but I feel they will hopefully reinstate these saved searches hopefully in the near future.

Until then you can also save your advanced searches to your Starred section in the sidebar for easy access. I have just added this point to my solution above.

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