Where is the Deleted Task List?

One of the webpage advised to look in the Sidebar for the Show more button to find the Deleted Items button. Which I don’t have the “Show more” button.

Then another webpage said:
"Where can I find my deleted tasks?

  • Click on your avatar on the top right corner of the app, which will open a dropdown menu. Expand the More menu option, and look for View my deleted tasks & messages."

Once again, I don’t have that “More” menu.

And I noticed several people advised to do an Advanced search for the deleted items and star that search. That is quite a convoluted way - there must be something simpler than that. Isn’t there?


Welcome, @Genevieve_V,

Your best bet currently is to use Advanced Search (available on any paid plan), but you can save (Star) the search to make it appear in your left sidebar for easy re-use. See this great post by @Richard_Sather for details and also the whole thread its in:

Asana is evolving very quickly these days with many new features and A/B tests running. It’s not clear, but I would guess that Asana would want to make the ability to retrieve deleted items more discoverable in the future, as it was in the past, but that’s just conjecture.




PLEASE bring back a visible and easy-to-access deleted tasks feature! It is very difficult to see what was deleted with Advanced Search - I am missing two projects that were used regularly (as recent as last week) and even when typing in their names, nothing comes up in advanced search. I’m a superadmin on our account and still can’t see where these projects went.


Hi @Tracy_Moawad rather than typing there names can you just search by deleted and scroll through ? Or are they still not showing?

This only seems to work with the paid version of Asana. The free version does not have a ‘show more’ button in the sidebar, nor is there a ‘more’ button when I click on the avatar. So if you don’t pay for Asana, I think that may be your issue.

Actually, I do have a ‘more’ button on the right, but the search option doesn’t work unless you pay.

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Do you have Stockholm syndrome? If there was a feature of seeing deleted tasks for many years on the free plan, but now they removed it while keeping it on the paid plan, this is clearly Asana’s issue, not customers.


Sorry, by ‘issue’ I didn’t mean the person asking the question was causing the problem. Maybe a more clear word choice would have been ‘source’. I was just trying to indicate for them that if they are on the free plan, the option isn’t available to them.


Really weak move on the part of Asana removing this important feature and then using the excuse of “A/B testing”.


Sorry, but how is this a solution? Seriously. It took me 4 tries in advanced search to get what I needed. Very convoluted. It’s not an outlier feature. It’s a must-have.

Welcome, @Ariane_Laird,

I offered the suggestion as a workaround; it’s not marked as a solution.

To express your interest in this feature, the best thing is to create a topic with your request in Product Feedback and add your vote with the purple vote button there.



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Hi all, this solution worked for me:

  1. Hit the “…” at the top right of your project window to access more actions.
  2. Select “Search this project”.
  3. For the “In any of these projects” field, add the project from which the task was deleted.
  4. Select “Add filter” at the bottom of the Search window.
  5. Hover over “More” and select the bottom option, “Deleted”.
  6. Conduct the search.
  7. Rejoice as your deleted tasks appear :partying_face:

I don’t know if there is a 30-day limit before deleted tasks are permanently deleted, but these steps worked for me.

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