Can`'t find Deleted items in My favorites and can`t recover deleted items

Can't find and recover Deleted items. I need to recover deleted task, but I cant find this option in “Starred” section and also can`t filtered as deleted tasks in “My tasks” Do you change UI? How can I do it now?

Browser version:

**What version of Asana are you using - Enterprise


Now you need to use the advanced search > Add filter > More > Deleted items

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Where is it, can you show on screenshots please?

Hi @Mykhailo-Holovatyi
Top right menu, you have a shortcut

Alternatively, as @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, you can search for it in the advanced search and add a filter (first click in the Search bar, and click “Advanced search” at the bottom).


Apparently, some have the More menu and some don’t, so I think the only solution that works for everyone right now is shown here (and see the rest of the thread for more info):

I’m going to replace this post, kind of a superset of @Arthur_BEGOU’s good previous one, as the current solution due to this additional info, at least until someone wants to change.



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