is there a more easier or quicker way to see deleted tasks?

Dear Asana fourm,

I tried searching fourm for first time “how to see deleted tasks”

and see one article with suggestion [ Where is the Deleted Task List? - English Forum / Tips and Tricks - Asana Forum]

Where he says that you need to manually search each time literally a type of filter.

What images attached are showing:

I tried using filter for firs time - and couldn’t find anything.

I tried option setting “due date within last 9 months” - and from there I was able to see the deleted tasks within my project list.

I was thinking is there a more easier or quicker way to see deleted tasks?

One of my next actions is I am trying to go and delete the “unnecessary tasks” I have in my projects list .
I have been struggling using Asana for about a month now since started using it So maybe would benefit more from trying using this fourm more? "

I am not following. You first search, first screenshot, did return results. Isn’t it what you wanted?

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"Yes - I was able to figure out how to find “deleted tasks” but part of reason for myself making this post is maybe because I’m asking could improvements be made to this feature? And clarifying there isn’t another way to do it? "

Understood. My personal opinion (I don’t work for Asana): this is simple enough for something that is almost never required. Making it easier would definitely clutter parts of the app for something barely used, so not worth it imho.

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"I didn’t realise completed tasks also just go into the “archive section”