Deleted projects & tasks

Hi, i accidentily deleted a project. With the link i nthe mail i manged to restore the project, but i can’t see any of the tasks inside. How can restore these also ? thanks !

Welcome, @Philippe_d_Aligny,

If on a paid plan, try Advanced search > Add filter > More > Deleted > click Deleted box > Search

You’ll be able to click each and do Unelete from the task detail pane.

Otherwise, request undelete with


Hi Larry,

many thanks for your reply and help! I just did this and it doesn’t come up with the tasks i’m looking for i’m afraid - but this has then made me realise the issue is a little bit different:

  • the project is restored
  • depending on the view the tasks appear or not
  • in list/board/timeline view they do not appear
  • in calendar they do appear
  • Dashboard also gives me some Data
  • and the files are still there

is it possible that it just takes a bit more time for the tasks to re-appear in the list/board/timeline views?

thanks a lot for you help!



Maybe you’re filtering them out?


I don’t think it would take much time.

If the above doesn’t help, perhaps Support.

ok thanks - filters look good, just the one in there for deleted stuff so shouldn’t be there reason.

I just sent a mail to support, will hopefully be able to help me resolve this!

thanks for your help and time Larry!

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