How can i recover a deleted project?



Hello members,
Recently i created a project with columns and tasks, added project members. After all the hard work, suddenly the project is missing. I think it’s deleted by someone but don’t know who did it. How can i recover a deleted project or find the project member who deleted the project ?

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Accidentally Deleted Project - Restore email doesn't work. What can I do?
Accidentally Deleted Project - Restore email doesn't work. What can I do?

In the sidebar, click on Show Archived Projects at the bottom of the team list where the project lived. If it is listed there, you can select to unarchive the project.

More information is on Asana Guide


Hi , thanks for replying but i cannot find show archived projects in the sidebar. I’ll share my asana profile as an image. Please take a view and help me


There’s a difference between archiving and deleting a project. When you archive, the project goes into an “Archived projects” area. This is best used to keep your account tidy without removing any information as you can always recover archived projects if you need to.

On the flip side, when you delete a project, it’s gone for good… Sorry (unless you email Asana, perhaps they have a backup or something)


Hi @Abinesh_Sanskrriti

Just looking at your screenshot, it’s clear that the project wasn’t archived, because the ‘Show archived projects’ option isn’t there. Also, archived tasks would still appear in My Tasks as long as they’re assigned to you.

When a project’s deleted, the owner of the project gets a notification and a link to recover it. So, if you set up the project, you should have received that notification. I would check your emails and notifications for the link to recover the project if it was deleted.

If you can’t find that link, you should contact Asana and ask if they can recover it.

Good luck!


Thanks @Mark_Hudson and @paulminors. Sorry, I posted the wrong information@Abinesh_Sanskrriti!


Its okay . Atleast you came up to help. Appreciate that effort :slight_smile:


I would like to have admin control in asana that if im the project owner.I would like to have “tasks lockdown” like once they create a task they can only tick when completed and not delete task or project. I really like asana but everyone in the project is getting admin controls. Also if i create a project and add some team members, anyone in the project can change me to just member from project owner or remove me from the project. Is there a project admin feature ?


Hi again. An admin has extra controls over security, billing and project members. However, Asana is built on a very open ethos, so all members can edit and delete everything. I do agree that there’s a case for being able to lock down certain elements as read-only, but that function isn’t currently available.

Here’s a guide to what admins can do:


Ok , thank you for taking time to reply. I have now understood asana and will use it effectively for my tasks :slight_smile:


Hi , I have a problem where I can’t recover a project that I accidentally deleted.

I have clicked the link in the email I received to undo the deletion, but I receive an error message
"“You do not have access to the deleted project. Are you sure you are logged in to the account that deleted it?”

I am definitely logged in with the same account. I have already sent an email to the support email and I’m waiting for a reply. Is there anything else I can do? How soon should I expect a reply to my email?

Anyone else experienced a similar issue? How did you resolve it?

Thanks in Advance.


Contacting the support is the only way. Go to, into “Having Trouble With” and then below you will find a “Still can’t find an answer” below.

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Thanks Bastien :slight_smile: