How can i recover a deleted project?

Hello @Mark_Hudson
I just deleted a project of my team and also removed me from that team by clicking on “Remove me from this workspace”. I recieved an email to undo the deletion right after. However, when I clicked on the link, I was notified I do not have the permission to access the deleted project. Could you tell me how to recover the project in my situation?
Thank you
Trang Nguyen

Welcome, @Nguyen_Minh_Trang,

You’ll have to contact and give them the info you posted here and ask them to restore for you. (The email you received would have let you restore the deleted project yourself had that been the only action you took.)

Support will be able to help, I believe.


Hi, I received an email after deleting the board but when I am trying to retrieve the file it shows this and the owner of the board doesn’t know where the request go that’s why he can’t give add me to this project and can’t retrieve the file.

This is a duplicate post. I answered here: