Prevent Users from Deleting Project

Is it possible to prevent users from deleting a project? I am aware of the private/public project setting where you can restrict users to only be able to comment, instead of being able to edit. However, I need all my teammates to be able to create/edit tasks in a project, but I do not want them to have the ability to delete the project. This is a VERY important feature for my team, because I want to ensure there is no accidental deletion of my important projects from a careless mistake.

Very similar question to this thread about preventing users from deleting a task: Prevent Users from Deleting Tasks


I believe that you can’t prevent users from doing this… @Julien_RENAUD any suggestion?

No you can’t…
But once a project is deleted you receive an email giving you a chance to undelete it.

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Thank you for the response and suggestion. Although the email is helpful to alert me when a project is deleted, it is still an issue because the project should never be deleted because I have an API script exporting data from the project on a nightly basis.

I believe project and task delete prevention feature is extremely important, I am hoping this is something that is on the roadmap.