Accidentally deleted a Team and the Important Project in it

I am new to Asana and deleted a Team I didn’t think I needed. Turns out, it had THE most important project I am working on in it.
I need to restore the project but it was wiped when I deleted the Team. This is a huge issue now. How do I get it back??

Hi @Julie_Dervin welcome to the forum :wave:

Did you by any chance receive an email from Asana notifying you of this action?
When projects are deleted, Asana will send you a link to instantly restore the deleted project, as long as you hit the link within 30 days.

In case you did not receive any email, then its best to contact support:

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Thanks so much for your swift reply. I didn’t actually get any notification of my Team or Project being deleted. They are just gone.

I look into past emails and click on the link to the project and it takes me to a screen that says I do not have access (I have submitted this to my IT team as well).

Perhaps you were removed from the team and project. If you know of any colleagues who may be still in the team or project, you could ask them to add you to it. But if indeed you have deleted the team, then you or your IT team will need to contact support, using the link I provided above.

Funny thing, I was the only member of the Team. I hope Asana looks into this to at least provide an email permitting the Team Owner to undo that action.

For now, Asana Tech Support found my Project by its name and restored it. Thank goodness!

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Good news: someone from Asana was able to go in and restore my project.

I have provided feedback to the team that they should make sure

  • Deleting a Team should activate an email to the user with the option to undo the deletion of the Team
  • Deleting a Team should activate an email to the user with the option to undo the deletion of any Projects within that Team

For me, this issue is resolved but only due to my having remembered the exact name of the project and Asana’s tech support manually retrieving it for me.


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