Can't restore the deleted project

I deleted the project, got the link to the email to restore it, but when I am using the link, system says I don’t have the access to restore the project. “You do not have access to the deleted project. Are you sure you are logged in to the account that deleted it?”

The project was created in the workspace of the team I worked with and I have a couple of accounts. Therefore, I checked whether I am using the right one, but nothing helps. The team lead who let me into the workspace can’t do anything either.

Also, I am a bit frustrated that Asana doesn’t have any support for such cases except guidance and forum.

Hope devs will see the bug and help. My link to restore the project.

Hi @Vladimir_Zaretski and apologies for the trouble here!

I can see this project is deleted but it looks like you’re not a member of it, which explains why you can recover it. You were able to access this project because it is public to your space, but in order to recover it, you need to be a full member of it.

If you know someone who is a full member of this project, you can ask them to recover the project using the link they received by email; alternatively, you can reach out to our support team who should be able to recover it for you!

Hope this helps!

Thank you, Marie!

The person who share the project with me can’t find the way to restore it. I reached out to the support team, hope it will work out.

If you are looking for a backup solution that could be backuping your Asana in real-time, reach out to me, I might have a solution!