Can I restore a deleted template?

I accidentally deleted one of our most frequently used project template. Is there anyway to get it back, or do I need to try and rebuild it from the ground up?

Welcome, @Robyn_Best, and sorry to hear this!

I think you should email and perhaps they’d be able to restore it for you.

When you delete a project, you’re sent a link in email (some minutes later) to recover it yourself, but I don’t know if that applies to project templates, so best to check in with Support.

If worst comes to worst, you can duplicate a project that you previously created from that template, save it as a template, and update as appropriate so you’re not starting from scratch.

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Thank you @lpb! I had my Asana emails set up to go to a seperate email inbox, so I hadn’t seen the deleted project email. I can confirm that you do still recieve that notification when a template–rather than a project–is deleted! :slight_smile:


Glad that worked for you, @Robyn_Best, and thanks very much for posting back so we can rest easy about this in the future!


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Is there a way to restore a previous version of a project template? I accidentally deleted a task with a dozen subtasks that I want to recover.

Hello @Evan_Barrientos1,
Usually you should receive an email for project deletions as Larry also mentioned above.
Otherwise you can reach out to and they will be able to assist.

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I had this identical experience!! Very glad to have found this thread - thank you for sharing!

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Leah_Pletcher!

I am not sure whether the support email still works, you can also find the steps on how to contact support here.