Delete project template

I created a template from a pre-existing project. Now when I start a new project from that new template it has all the old (private) project items on there. 1) does the whole team see my template? 2) how do I delete the template from the library of templates? 3) how do I edit a template. Thanks!

Hi @Relish

  1. Yes if the project is not private
  2. Open the project page, then click on the little arrow next to the project name, and select “remove from templates”
  3. Open the project page and edit it



Hi Julien,

I have the same issue, the template is created by a user which is no longer part of the team, but public to the entire team.
When i click on the little arrow, i only have Copy, Duplicate, Print and Export as options ?

How do i delete this template ?
And can a template be archived, so it can be retrieved for later use ?

i have the same issue… did you find a solution?

Hi Charlotte,

It seems that the only way is to get the Asana Support team on it, they can help to open you as editor of the template and after that you can delete it.