Can't delete the project - being created from template error

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Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I have a project template that previously worked but has stopped. It contains two bundles (one includes fields, rules, and sections; one includes fields and task templates). When I try to create a project from the template, it takes forever (and never actually finishes creating) and both the template and new project are impossible to delete (button grays out and says that it is still being created, even 24 hours later). Certain elements of the template are also missing, namely rules and connected portfolios.

Steps to reproduce: I’m not 100% sure what broke the template, but I suspect it was something bundle-related as this happened a few weeks ago on a different template with a bundle and the only solution I could find was to completely rebuild the template. I think my steps were:

  1. Create a project template and add a bundle
  2. Confirm that the template works correctly
  3. Remove certain elements from the template (minimum: task templates)
  4. Confirm that the template now malfunctions (?)

Browser version: Chrome Version 120.0.6099.216

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)? Enterprise

Upload screenshots below:

This photo is from 12 hours after trying to create the project.

I can’t delete the project. I created it from a template. I try to delete it and I get this message.

It’s been a few hours

If all of your other Asana actions are proceeding unimpeded, then I suppose this is some kind of glitchy bug. Next steps would be to close Asana, clear cookies, close browser etc. and retry.

Hi @Stephen_Li , sorry to hear about that. I’ve never seen that before :thinking:

It seems someone else has reported something similar:

If ok, I could consolidate your post ino that…?

For sure, does sound like the. same issue

Done @Stephen_Li !

Pinging @Vanessa_N for help

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Thanks @Richard_Sather !

For context, to @anon91170507 's point, I did close Asana, cleared my cache, etc. and my issue persisted. This is the second project template this has happened on for me, and the previous time was also driven (I believe) by a bundle issue.

My solution that time was to rebuild the template from the ground up (created a project from the template, converted this project to a template, added my bundle(s), cleaned up). I then deleted the broken project and template via API, since the UI wouldn’t allow me to (same issue as mentioned in this thread).

How can I delete a project via API?

@Denis_Lepikhov - you can call this endpoint, but since this seems like a bug, you might want to preserve the project until Asana support has had a chance to look into it.

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Hi everyone, sorry for the delay! Our team is currently investigating a similar bug affecting bundles, so this might also be related. I’m reaching out to the Developers to let them know about this report, and hope to have an update soon!


Have there been any updates on this “bug” with the Templates and bundles. I am trying to make projects, but am having no luck as it as been “creating” my project for over an hour now, and is still missing half of the rules I have in my bundle.

Hi @Vanessa_N , any updates from the team on this? I’ve been holding off on deploying a few templates until this is resolved but am hoping to get those stood up in the next week or so.

Hi everyone, unfortunately I don’t have any news to share yet. I’m reaching out to our Developers here and will let you know shortly

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@Vanessa_N i think this is resolved, could you change status?

Done! :white_check_mark: Thanks for letting us know @Stephen_Li!

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