Recover an Asana Project by Owner & to Remove Asignees to Tasks

Hi, I am the owner of a project. I deleted the project but notice that the assignees still have the tasks on their list (which is annoying). could you advise how I CAN do to the situation? or I need to recover it & remove assignees? If yes, how I can recover a deleted project? Thanks

Hi @Eddie_Cheung1 , welcome to the forum! :smiley:
Check your email inbox - If you deleted the project less than 7 days ago, you will be able to use the link in the email (which you received from Asana when you deleted it) to recover the project.

If the tasks are still appearing in other people’s My Tasks, it may be likely that they are multi-homed in other projects, possibly private ones that you may not be able to see. So it’s best to delete the tasks individually before you delete the project itself.


Hello @Eddie_Cheung1 it works best as Richard explained.
In case you cannot locate the email to restore the project Asana Support can help out as well.


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