Finding missing & unassigned projects

Hi all,
Hoping somebody could help me correct an error. I inadvertently removed a member from Asana (not sure how) but they lost a private project that they were working on and i cant find it anywhere
I have re-added them since and got the new project of previously unassigned tasks but still can find the project that they were working on…which contained tasks that were largely unassigned as they were planned for 2021
They were the only person on the project but it wasnt specifically deleted, they were just removed. Im assuming the project is still there but how do I find it and try end the week on a good note???!!!
Thanks in advance

Hi @Mark_Gaffney, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! Our support team can help you here. I recommend you to request to the user who lost access to contact our support team confirming the name of the Organization or Workspace and the name of the project they lost access to. If they have an email notification, they can try to copy the URL of the project from there and sent it to support as well. They can help them recover their access!

Let me know if you have any other questions and I hope the issue is solved soon!

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