Recover reinstated member and projects after deleting them


I love Asana, and raved about it to a client of mine. She had me add her to her project on MY Asana account. After a while, she said she was up and running! Then, she told me she kept getting notifications about my project activity (because I had added her), and to take her off because she has her own lists. All of that is totally fine, and I removed her from the project.

I just went in there today and saw a new project that she had created. I thought it was left over and deleted it, then deleted her as a member from my main “Workspace Settings”. She emailed me that she got notified that I deleted her project, and so I recovered it from the Asana email I received, and re-added her as a member. I’m seeing what I deleted before back in Asana, but she’s saying she can’t find her other task lists.

Are they gone forever?!

Thank you!

If you see the project back you can probably add her as a member. Does she appear in the members at the top-right of the screen?

Hi @Danielle_Coughlin_DC

Did the client intend to set up the project in your workspace, or did she want to set up her own separate workspace and access all of those tasks from there?

Sorry. It might just be because it’s Friday but I’m really confused about this one!


Yes she’s appearing in the top left corner with me as well as the top right in the project. However, she went back in there and isn’t seeing her tasks that weren’t assigned to any project.

Are you able to find yourself one of these tasks by using the search engine?

No, they’re not assigned to anyone. I believe it was just in her welcome window. Screenshot attached :slight_smile:!
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Hi @Danielle_Coughlin_DC,

Thanks for reaching out to the Community! In this case, I think it will be best for you to contact our support team at Asana Support - Help Center • Asana. My colleagues on the support team will be able to dig into your account information and help you with the specific account details you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with,

So I’m already in touch with someone I think…can you double check?

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Hi Danielle - I’m unable to speak to specific tickets, but feel free to reach out directly to the support team to check in.