Owner removed me from Workspace, and the private projects I created underneath are now gone

So, I was initially invited to join Asana through a group who was trying it out. I volunteer with them. They recently upgraded to Premium and deleted my account (since they didn’t want to pay for me to use it).

Unfortunately, I had created my own project under their workspace that I was using for my personal work. When they deleted my account, my project and all the lists and tasks and everything disappeared!

They kindly added me back in to see if I could recover my project, but it’s gone.

I am really frustrated and angry. Have no faith in Asana. And don’t know if I want to try to re-build in another application. I’ve had no response from support in the past 5 days.

That is horrible, I am shocked. Data destruction is not what we look for in a productivity tool.

I’m guessing your data probably does still reside somewhere in Asana servers, for at least a few more weeks - I hope they have the heart to engage with you and at least give it a try.

Thanks, I’m seriously devastated. I didn’t assign tasks to myself, since this project is only me, so I’m wondering if that is part of the problem.

I am horrified. I was also trying out the software and creating the skeleton of our project, if all went well, I intended to share with my team…but I certainly can’t vouch for Asana at this point, and I don’t have the confidence in the product to start over.

Hi @Turqocean and thanks for reaching out! I’m so sorry for the trouble and confusion. Let me explain why this happened, and how you can gain access to your projects again!

I took a look into your account and from what I can see, you’ve been deprovisioned from the Organisation you used to be a member of; after which you deactivated your account. Because your account was deactivated, when you were re-added to this same Organisation, Asana automatically created a brand new profile for you, which explains why you couldn’t see or access your previous projects.

However these projects still exist in Asana, and instead of re-adding you to the Org with a new profile, our support team can recover your old profile to give you access again to these projects. When this is done, I would recommend creating your own Workspace, using this tool, you will then be able to copy in your own workspace, any project you built and would like to keep. You will also be able to re-assign to your ex co-workers any project/task you developped for them.

Please write into our support team and share the URL of this thread (so you don’t have to re-explain everything), and once you’ve done that please comment on this thread or drop me a DM (you can do this by clicking on my name and select “Message”), so I can make sure this issue gets resolved as soon as possible.

Again, so sorry for the trouble there, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all, I’ll be more than happy to help! Looking forward to your reply :slight_smile:


Thanks for the great support Marie! (Yes, it’s not my issue but this is exactly what I was hoping to see for this user, as their situation struck a chord in me.)

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Hi Marie,
Thanks for your help. How will I know when the support team has recovered my previous profile? Will they send me an e-mail? Or will I just login to Asana and see my stuff again? I sent an e-mail with this thread to Asana Support, but haven’t heard back yet.


HI @Turqocean,

I can see our team just got back to you a few hours ago! Could you please ask your previous Org to re-add you to their Organisation? This is for security reasons, once you do, simply reply to the email and our team will recover your old profile in the Organisation; you should then be all set!

Hello Marie,

My previous organization added me back to their workspace, Bull City Commons.

Thank you. Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do on my end to have my previous profile restored.

Mary Barzee/turqocean

Thanks for letting us know! My colleague Anthony will be in touch as soon as the recovery has been processed!

@Turqocean, looks like your account was successfully recovered, can you let me know if you’re able to access your projects again? :slight_smile:

Yippeah! I was just able to see and migrate my project.

I’m so grateful, as I hadn’t backed this up anywhere yet.

Thank you so much!


Fantastic Mary, I’m so glad we were able to resolve this swiftly!

Hope to see you soon again in the Forum, have a great day!

Thank you so much for your help, Marie!

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Wait till someone in your org deletes your tasks or someone’s comments maliciously/accidentally.

  • There’s no central deleted items bin that everyone has access to

  • Anyone can delete anyone’s anything, there’s no permission controls to restrict that a user cannot delete another users task or comment.

  • Also, it doesn’t even notify the creator of the task that their comment/task/project was deleted.

  • Support often doesn’t answer for days or sometimes even over a week. We have an email in to support now for this issue and no one has responded and it’s been 9 days.

  • ONLY ASANA STAFF can recover data that’s just “missing” because there’s no shared deleted items bin across the team or organization.

Asana has MASSIVE data loss and permissions issues because of a distinct lack of permissions control by the administrators or managers on a project.

It’s pretty horrible.


Agreed. For others’ benefit, there is a thread: Prevent Users from Deleting Tasks