Lost access to projects

I can not assess any of my projects. They contains all the information I’ve collect on multiple projects. My business has come to a stand still for almost a week. Who can I contact to help me sort this out. Please I really need some one to sort this out.


(I’ve moved your post to a new thread since it was unrelated to previous thread.)

Sorry for the trouble. Please try:

  1. Is there any chance you used a different login to Asana before when you created and were working on the projects? If so, try that login.
  2. Regardless, there’s a chance you are in the wrong workspace. Changing the workspace is different depending on device, but at the website, just click your profile image (or initials) at the top right of any Asana page. In the menu, look at the first menu items. The one with the checkmark is your current workspace/organization. If there are no projects in there, then try another workspace/org (if one exists in the menu) and you may find them there.

If these don’t help, then email support@asana.com describing the issue and pointing to this thread, and be patient, it might take several days.



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