Urgent workspace recovery.

Hello everyone.

On Friday 11th, I accidentally deleted a project because I was no longer part of it, but my intention was simply to leave the project.

I thought everything was fine, so I even cancelled the email to recover the project (in the process of “cleaning” the inbox, I also deleted it from the trash).

Yesterday, though, the other colleagues with which I was in the project told me they couldn’t find it, so I realized I didn’t only leave the group.

I wrote to Asana support immediately.

My fear is that (since the link to recover the project lasts 7 days) Asana won’t respond in time to recover it, and everything will be lost.

Can anyone help me please?

Thank you in advance.


Hi @Erik_Cargnoni, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

You did the right thing by reaching out to our Support team. Don’t worry, they’ll be able to recover this for you and timing won’t be an issue - I can see that your ticket has been recieved.

A member of the team will be reaching out to you shortly. Hold tight! :slight_smile:

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Hi Rebecca,

Thank you so much! I’m relieved :sweat_smile:


Just circling back - I can see our Support team recovered the data for you! :tada: I’m glad there was a happy ending to this story! :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you so much!

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