Hi I'm new to Asana :)

I look forward to learning a ton about Asana and growing. I set myself up yesterday and I am going through the courses to learn how to use this platform.

Look forward to meeting people in this community!


Hi @Ethan_Schneider

After reading your message, then I confirm that you are in the best place, welcome !!
When I discovered Asana, I imagined deploying the tool in my company with hundreds of users. To be able to discover different uses, different approaches, the best way was to read for hours posts on the forum, because it has many Asana experts who share their good practices.

The Asana Guide is also a good place to find many tips and information:

If you have specific questions about deployment, about functions, then do not hesitate !! :slight_smile:


I will be sure to do that. I’m trying to find a better system to manage both my personal life and professional life.

Thank you post Julien! I look forward to growing with everyone here

I will have a ton of questions


I do it too. Once you’ve discovered everything you can do, then you’ll be addicted to Asana.

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Good addiction to have I take it lol I will keep that in mind as I learn as much as possible

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Welcome. There’s no turning back!

Best wishes,

Fellow AsanaAddict

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Thank you Larry! It’s nice to meet you.

Look forward to learning a ton. I’m watching a few videos on youtube to get some ideas.
What’s your best recommendation?


Nice to meet you!

There’s a template (use the orange “+ New” button in Asana, then Project) called “Asana Basics Training” that is a nice start and links to a video or two if I recall. (You may need a paid plan to see these templates, perhaps.)

At Videos • Asana I’d recommend scrolling to “Asana features step-by-step” then clicking View All on the right and just hitting the videos you like.

The Asana Academy courses are very well done but take some investment in time.

If you either have any interest in Asana2Go (Disclaimer: I’m the creator), lower quality videos, or are just having trouble falling asleep, I can recommend the several videos collected at Trilogi Solutions: Asana Consulting - YouTube or found with the posts here:


Hi @Ethan_Schneider and welcome to the Asana Community Forum! :wave:

We are delighted to have you here and If there is anything we can help with, feel free to reach out in the Forum, we’ll be more than happy to help!

Have a great day! :grinning:


Hi Natalia!

Thank you! I will likely have a bunch of questions going forward. Thanks for reaching out!

Have a great day too!

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Welcome @Ethan_Schneider. Another tip just from my personal experience: use Asana yourself for a good bit of time, and to the point that you’re using it extensively, before moving to getting others in your organization on it (if that’s your goal). It really helped me to understand it and help other users with adoption.

Happy Tasking!


Welcome to the forum, glad you are enjoying the Asana experience.


Welcome @Ethan_Schneider, feel free to ask any questions you might have. Cheers


Hi, This is Krishn, I am new to Asana. Can someone help, How to get “Task URL” in the Export?