Getting Started Actions

Hi all!

I recently started a new position and am working on getting my small team (4 people) into Asana. I’m wondering if anyone has suggested action items I could use and incorporate into an onboarding guide I’m creating for them?

This would be super basic (i.e. register your email, log-in, join X team). Anything would be appreciated thank you! :tada:

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Hi @Jake_Frasier, congrats on the new position! I would recommend checking out : “Creating an Asana Adoption Plan & Establishing Asana Conventions” in the onboarding training , it is definitely worth a read.

It focuses on first establishing “The Why” around why Asana is being implemented with your team. You then really want to let the processes which will run through Asana to define the expectations around its use. Here is another forum post which talks a bit more on this topic: Best Practices for general employee USE of Asana. Hope this helps!