Best Practices for general employee USE of Asana

Hi! We are implementing Asana into our company this year. We already have an Asana Ambassador (me:-)) and an Asana “Champions” Team set up with 1 employee for each department who will be in Asana every day helping executives build out projects and ensure things are done. We are planning on releasing an “Asana Expectations and Standards for Employee use” to the entire office with bullet points very simple, along the lines of “sign into Asana daily, check your inbox and my tasks page”, “if someone @'s you in a comment, like it or comment back to confirm acknowledgment”, etc. Basic things. So my question here is does anybody know any best practices to embellish on that list? I don’t want it to be too granular and have this huge list of Expectations and standards for use, but also want to ensure we’re distributing a good, clear list of how to use Asana at the basic level. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance, guys!


Hi @Beth27. I would try to separate the defining of the your company’s “expectations and standards for use” from the “how to use Asana” from a functionality standpoint. When first implementing Asana, you really want to let the processes which will run through Asana to define the expectations around its use. The more employees can see how Asana will make their work easier (The Why), the more likely they are to embrace it and use it. People are usually pretty good at figuring out the functionality details to suit their needs. If you haven’t seen the Creating an Asana Adoption Plan & Establishing Asana conventions in the onboarding training , it is worth a read.


This is great, @Bernie_Orelup . Thank you!

Hi Beth27,
I agree with Bernie_Orelup. You should be defining the process, and Asana should be the tool that helps you get through that process. I’ve attached two docs here from a former marketing team I used to manage. The Campaign Process document is extremely detailed, but you’ll get the picture. I had new employees go through the Asana Basics online so they understand how the tool works. Then I gave them the Team Asana Guidelines so they could learn how our team used the tool. (Note that I refer to “folders” in these documents - those were a special task in Asana where we would upload and store certain files). Hope this helps!

Campaign Process_2016-17.pdf (230.8 KB)
Team Asana Guidelines.pdf (322.0 KB)

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