Onboarding our team to Asana and pitching via Powerpoint presentation

Hi all,

My name is Anna from RWA INC. I recently made the Asana workspace a part of our workstructure - we are thrilled to be a part of the Asana family!

However, I am soon to present the idea to our Core Team and would love to have everyone as exited about Asana as I am. We are all new to the space, so would like to visualise it via either a powerpoint slide or similar for the team to know their way around etc.

What would you recommend for me to do? Do you have powerpoint templates or similar for me to educate my team during our workshop? All ideas are more than appreciated!

Thank you in advance,



@Anna_Therp - you might consider joining the Ambassador program (it only takes a few min to join). Once you do that, there are some resources (including an Asana-made deck for onboarding) that you’ll get access to.


This is an exciting time for you and your team @Anna_Therp

As Stephen mentioned, make sure you join the ambassader programme to get access to some ready made material.

Also do not shy to think out of the box when you introduce it to your team, even if you are introducing it virtually. You can kick off a project and shower them with lots of information, tasks, deadlines, stakeholders and see how they get on capturing all this info, and then share with them how asana brings clarity and collaboration when it is all housed in one place and that is live and treated as the source of truth.

Hope this helps.

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