Automation to move task from one section to next

Greetings. I am just getting into workflow and automations and am hoping someone can help. My client currently has a project board they use for their work contracts for clients. Each client is set up as a task on the board. The board has 4 sections. Each section has 4-6 subtasks to be completed before moving to the next section. I have figured out how to automatically add the subtasks relevant to the respective section as the task is manually moved to the next section. Is there a way to have a trigger or rule applied to move the task to the next section of the project once the subtasks are completed?

If not, is it is possible if the client contract is set up as a separate project to have the next section tasks populate once the previous ones are completed?

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I’m waiting on the same answer. Thanks for asking it.

I have one large Task with 27 different subtask. Each subtask is large so as I work them how can I push them to " In-Progress" ?

I haven’t been able to figure out how to move task from New Request to In Progress.


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Welcome, @Randi_Fechter,

To answer your first question, perhaps if the parent task is made dependent on all its subtasks, then you could use the rule trigger “Task is no longer blocked” and the rule action “Move to a section.”

Hope that helps,