Triggering a Rule Based on Subtask Approval

Hello Asana community!

I’m facing a challenge in Asana and would appreciate your insights on how to tackle it. Currently, I have a project which require rules to be triggered based on approval of the task, but marking the task as approved also “completes” the task and the assignee cannot follow the task anymore.

When using the subtasks for Approval, and rules are not triggered in the workflow, even though the rule is set to “Run on tasks and subtasks”.

Is there a way to achieve this in Asana, is there any available integrations? I haven’t found a straightforward solution for this particular scenario.

Thank you in advance for your support and expertise!


HI @anon3487122 welcome to the community.
I use custom fields to combat this style of workflow - use a custom field of approved? with the options Approved, Changes Requested or Rejected and that can act as a trigger.


But then how would an “approved approval” or a completed subtask change that custom field?
I need the main task to remain as an incomplete task when its subtask is complete or its sub “approval” is approved.

I have found that marking the task as approval, and assigning and then, clearing the assignment once it’s approved, did the trick. But then, there’s no option to automatically mark it back to a task. It remains an approval.

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Hi Andres,
You wouldn’t. You use the custom field as the approval. So reassign it to the approver and they click Approved and then it moves.

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Hi Danielle,
Thanks for your reply!
My problem is that the task is like a project itself so if it’s assigned to another person, that person would’t know what’s the field he should be approving, cause there’s a lot of custom fields… So I need to create a subtask or a sub-approval that when it’s completed, it let’s the main task proceed to another section.
Do you think there’s a way?

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HI @Andrés_Vilensky that is true, it would mean training them on that process. At the moment there isnt a way of linking a subtask approval to the task itself and creating a routing rule. I’m going to test a few work arounds I have buzzing in my head and I’ll let you know if any work.


That would be awesome. Thanks a lot!!

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This would be a great feature. Rules can create subtasks approvals, but I would love if subtask approvals could change a related custom field.

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Hi everyone, this option is currently possible as you can run rules on tasks and subtasks as well. If you set the rule to run for subtasks, you can create a rule based on approval actions :slight_smile:

I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out via the Tips and Tricks category if you have any questions.