Custom field conditions and subtask rules

I’m creating an approval project that has a number of different stages of approvals from different individuals.

What I’d like to do is have the top-level task be the “project” (ex: Draft Approval) and the details and approval tasks be sub-tasks. This allows all the details to remain together.

My desire is for rules (at a simple level):

If subtask approval is approved and Custom Field = Status A (that’s set when it’s moved into a section) then move to next section. In that Next section, status would be updated to B and then a new approval task would be added.

From what I’m seeing, you can’t have a condition on an unchanged custom field only changed or cleared and you can’t run rules on sub tasks.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to automate this or am I stuck in manual turmoil of watching for approvals and changing the status?

Hello @Mark_Burleson, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

The main task is it always assigned to the same person or reassigned as it moves along the stages? If so then automating it with rules would work.

Maybe this helps: Approval Workflow - #2 by Andrea_Mayer

Rules for subtasks would be possible with Flowsana

And here is the relevant feedback request thread for rules on subtasks: Allow Rules for Subtasks

So the current thought is the Main Task stays with one person.

The approval subtasks change depending on the section. So 4 different section and 4 different approvers.

Submit Form → Section A\Approver A → Section B\Approver B → etc

The issue I see (but verifying) with Flowsana is that they can’t do per section nor multiple conditions. So saying if subtask is completed move to section B, appears to move ALL subtasks completions to section B regardless of where it happens.


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Oh okay I understand.

We are handling a similar process and atm, due to no rules on subtasks, we ask team members to update a custom field under the main task which then triggers another rule.

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