Auto Generate New Approval Subtask When Changes are Requested

I manage design teams and am starting to use Approval subtasks to monitor the status of a design ticket. I have it set up so that when my ticket’s status changes to “in review” (custom field) it will auto-generate an approval subtask.

What I would like to do is for the system to auto-generate a new review subtask if the first review comes back as changes requested. I know that rules don’t work on subtasks, but I was wondering if I could auto-add the approval subtasks to another project where I could run the rules on them.


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Since rules don’t work on subtasks you won’t be able to multi-home the subtasks either so what you mentioned won’t really work. Unless you add the subtasks itself to the project too. You might be able to set something up if you have them as tasks instead, not subtasks.
In case you haven’t already you might want to upvote here: Allow Rules for Subtasks

Alternatively you can use Flowsana to set up rules for subtasks


My hopeful workaround was to create a rule that automatically added new subtasks (created by another rule) to the project. But as I suspected there is no way around that.

And voted!

Ahhh, love this idea! I’m also trying to figure out ways to automate the creative review process.

+1 for subtask rules! That’d be super helpful. Added my upvote also.

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