Allow Rules for Subtasks

I would request that you would add or allow us to create rules based on subtasks.

For example in a project flow - I have a task that contains multiple sub-tasks. This task is connected to my editorial calendar and the due date on the task is based on when it will post, but I would like to create rules for my subtasks. So as I change the status of the task it can automatically change the due dates on the sub-tasks. Right now I have to manually do this and it is quite time-consuming.

I could create tasks that are larger but having one task house my sub-tasks is a much more organized method.

Welcome to the Forum @Sarah_Hoopes and thank you for sharing your feedback and for explaining your use case.

Hopefully, this is something we can address in the future! :crossed_fingers:t4:

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The ability to create subtasks via rules for similar reasons to what you have noted above, would also be very handy.

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Absolutely, that’s a great idea! I think rules across the board for subtasks would be helpful. Even for example, marking a subtask complete should be able to trigger moving that task to the another column and updating the master task status.

I couldn’t agree more. Now that the first layer of subtasks are visible from the project pane AND Custom Fields are carried over to them, it would be really efficient if they could also be a trigger in Rules. The primary area where I would find this extremely valuable is for multi-homing purposes. I often find that I need to see subtask data across various projects in a consolidated view. This automation feature would completely eliminate that extra step to ensure that “next need” is configured!