Can only move to the next section when X subtask is completed?

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I am pretty new to Asana so trying to figure stuff out. I am building a project out, where we will be progressing tasks through various stages (sections). Within the subtasks I will have dependencies set up, but I wanted to know whether there was any way to stop the ability to move a task to another section if X subtask hasn’t been completed?

If not, can anyone recommend a way to do this?


This is not possible natively in Asana. Subtasks and their parent task can’t be related. In general, Asana never blocks anything from happening. Your only chance is to use outside tools to enforce that behavior, in that case it would be put back the task after it was moved. If you really want to block the user, you would have to build a chrome extension for example that would change the Asana interface.

Maybe using a report you could identify tasks that were moved when they should not and manually warn people…

Sorry, probably not the answer you expected…


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Adding to what @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, we have two threads requesting similar features, I recommend you to add your vote here:

As a workaround, you can setup the project as comment only and only assign the task after the subtask is completed. Once you assign the task, the assignee will have the option to move the task to another section.

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Thanks guys! I did have a feeling this wasn’t going to be possible, but thought I would ask in case I was missing something.