Specific Task to Trigger Rules (rather than all tasks)

Rules are very powerful but can easily level up their power by allowing tasks and subtasks to trigger a rule rather than rules applying globally within a project.

This is simply just another layer of condition.

If (task link(s) == condition {
execute rule

Would be nice to select a rule from the ellipse within a task so I can create the rule and as I have tasks that need to trigger it, I can easily add to rather than opening the rule each time.

Use Case:
I only want certain tasks, such as milestones, to add a comment within the task once marked completed.

@VP milestone completed

should not execute on every task :slight_smile:

This can be used to trigger a Slack to a channel.

Yes, you can add to the rule triggers ‘Milestone completed’ as you do Approval completed, but there are so many other uses for triggering rules from certain tasks that we can set up rather than waiting for the option to be added to Asana.

I’ll add other use cases here as I think of them:

Use Case Two:
When a subtask is an approval. Currently subies don’t trigger rules so if part of a workflow within a task is getting an approval, this will be handy.

Use Case Three:
There is a rule for Task no longer waiting >> Set due date, however, this is global to the project. I prefer to set this up on a per task basis as not every task is due the same number of days out. I prefer when(task(s) == no longer waiting){set due date} You can of course add a secondary trigger for assignee. So only tasks completed with this assignee, but that isn’t perfect either.

Great feedback @Getz_Pro :+1:t3: and thanks for taking the time to share your use case too, that’s even more important :slight_smile: I’ll make sure to bring this up with our Product Team, and I’ll kee you posted here once I’ve an update on this topic!

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@Marie I am adding use cases as I think of them. Two more added now.