Rules: Allow "Task Specific" Rules for projects

Setup: We are a Marketing Agency and have a Board with Columns for each phase all our work typically goes through. In Creative, With Client For Review, In QA, Etc. We then have one Card per project with sub-tasks for all the steps of the projects, with due dates, comments, and assignments happening there.

Request: The addition of rules is amazing. But it considers the overall board to be the project, there are some agile steps to trigger if something is moved to a column. But what would be nice is to setup Rules based on the card (which are the projects in our setup). That way for one card, maybe creative assignments goes to one person, but for another card/project the creative assignments goes to someone else. The escalation team may differ, etc. Having the ability to copy a rule set one card to another then edit would also help. Because the same team may work on the other card, or maybe the same team but one person is changed out, so the edit is helpful. Long story short, just being able to get a little more granular to accommodate would be amazing.

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