Product Feature Suggestion - Rules, being able to use a task template for any subtasks

In order to build rules in a more efficient way here are a couple of features that would be very useful to users.


  • adding a task template (for subtasks, etc instead of having to hand type them for each set of subtasks for each rule repeatedly)
  • being able to drag and drop triggers and actions within a rule (if you realize you need to change something having to rebuild the rule each time is a pain)
  • ability to have a project brief linked to a sub task and for a the brief to be blank every time the rule replicates

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I have found a feedback request thread you might be interested in.

Here is another one.

Please vote here Allow drag-drop to reorder triggers and actions within a rule

Can you please clarify this as I am not sure I quite understand. By project brief do you mean task description maybe?

I can link a project brief to a sub task, but it updates the original brief. Is there a way to replicate a project brief in the sub-tasks as new tasks are spun up inside of a project?