Template tasks to support form submissions

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I agree with this idea! It would be a great enhancement to the template task feature and Form feature!


Yes please! I’d love this feature, it would save so much admin time.


Great Idea! Added my vote!


This would be a great time saver for us!
We have a task template with set subtasks that are always the same, would love the form submission to pull in these sub tasks.


Hi @Douglas_Cook! Just FYI, my Flowsana integration provides this exact capability via its rules function (it’s actually proven to be a very popular rule). The rule looks basically like: "If a new form submission is received, then add subtasks from below the task {X}.


This feature would be amazing to have!


I just set up an account here to make this specific request! Would be a huge help to be able to both connect forms to a template task as well as set a template task as the default project-wide.


So that when a form is submitted, it creates a new task from a template with all the subtasks and subtasks within subtasks.


Thanks for your feedback, @Clare_Weight! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main request to consolidate feedback!

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This is for sure a feature that would make both the template task and forms much more useful!

One workaround I found in the meantime is as follows:

  1. Create the task you want to use as a task template
  2. Save it as a template task
  3. Create the form you want to use for the project
  4. The form is submitted and a new task is created on the project
  5. Use the task template to create another new task
  6. Then add it as a sub-task to the form-created task

While this isn’t ideal I’ve found it works as an OK work around until the Asana team is able to implement this feature.


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Yes, we just went through the professional services engagement and ended up with an intake form for project tasks. But each task comes with a set of 16 standard subtasks (in 3 categories). We thought the solution was not workable, because asking staff to manually add 16 subtasks seemed to onerous - at least our old word doc form was able to have those on it. Our professional services person let us know that Task Templates were coming, so we have been waiting anxiously and haven’t implemented it yet.

But because the forms don’t generate tasks in the task template, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to easily convert an incoming task to the task template, the entire solution flounders. :frowning:

I have a sort of solution because my form is used by colleagues not clients, I have this at the top of the form.

Which appears like this:
image Merging tasks takes users to the instructions:

Still I’d much rather it was possible for form submissions to trigger creation of a template task.


Add a new customize rule allowing you to create a new task from task templates based on field values changing (ideally from an asana form fill) so all of the followers, collaborators, relative dates and other rules associated with the template are automatically created & triggered.

Trigger - when all happen:

  • Task added to this project (from asana form submission)
  • {{Custom field}} value changed → choose an option for {{Custom field}}: {{Custom field value}}


  • Create task from task templates → choose a task template: {{Task template}}

Trigger - when all happen:

  • Task added to this project (from asana form submission)
  • Request Type value changed → choose an option for Request Type: Webinar


  • Create task from task templates → choose a task template: Webinar template
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Hi @Laura_Benz, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! Hopefully this is something our Product team can implement for Rules in the future!

I’ll loop back in with you on this thread should there be any updates :slight_smile:

I’d much rather your solution helped those of us only paying £120 a month!

Just came here to say “Yes, please!”

I’m setting up a content calendar workflow for my client and I’d like to use forms to give her an easy, foolproof way to enter ALL of the content that needs to go into a particular email, blog post, social media post, etc. and turn that into a task.

But under that, we need subtasks for drafting the email, creating images, sending for approval, scheduling, etc.

I would LOVE a simple checkbox in the form builder that applies an existing template to the created task.

It would also be awesome if you could assign a task template to the “create task by email” function, so when I email a task in, it uses the assigned task template. Or, just allow a default task template for new tasks in a project rather than having a blank task as the default.


This would be a really significant enhancement for us, too!

Forms and task templates are only going to reach their potential with some more joined-up thinking.

Thank you!