Library and Form link for task templates in the organisation

I love the new task templates, but when implementing them I had to copy/paste the original tasks I was using before LOADS of times. Because, when you convert it into a template, it then belongs to that project. And I use a template - with certain subtasks and collaborators - in a variety of projects.

Why not make any task template available for other projects than the ones they are created in? Add to library (just like with fields). Then you can add it quickly to X number of projects.

I would probably make it flexible too if you wanted to include the

  • subtasks
  • collaborators
  • field values
    of the library task when you add it to a project.

So, I make a template, add Lisa and Max as collaborators, a description, and 10 subtasks. I fill out the fields.

Then I enter a different project, I click add task template, and I select an option called “add from library”. Then I search and find the template.

Then I select which items I want to keep from the library template - I select the 10 subtasks, the description, and then maybe I de-select collaborators, because in this project I want John and Anna to be the collaborators. The fields automatically are added depending on which fields are present in this other project.

I think there are many interesting benefits from something like this.

ALSO I would enable a FORM FUNCTION for task templates.

So, you should be able to somehow link a form response to a template task. It could be a simple tick box on the form saying “Link this form to a template task”, then you select which template task in the project. That way, when you fill out the form and send it, you know that the task that is created, is created with certain collaborators, and certain subtasks.

Other values, like field values, due date, assignee and description will come from the form, I guess.

Example: We have a form for new applications. But at the moment, when it comes in, I have to automatically add the collaborators and subtasks - which are always the same when we have an application in the system.

Agreed. Adding this functionality would make task templates much more effective.

HI @Andreas_Loftager and thanks for sharing your feedback!

I’ve gone ahead and split your feedback into 2 different threads to help us better report and follow-up on these queries. I’m closing this thread out, but will follow in Library for task templates and Template tasks to support form submissions as soon as I have an update on my end!