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I’m trying to create a template task library as described here under Task template tips

** Make a template task library by creating a “template” tag. Tag all of your template tasks, then favorite the tag, so the list is accessible from your sidebar later.*

However, when I add the tag to the task template (within the Customization sidebar) the template tasks do not appear in the tag list. They only appear when added to the project. Does this mean I would need to make the task templates live somewhere within the project? Which isn’t ideal. Am I missing something about this tip?

My aim is to have an overview and easy access to all the task templates within the organization without using forms.

Hello @Franziska_Pfadt,

I am not aware that task templates can be searched via advanced search, for example, only templates for projects. And yes tags only show for live tasks so I do agree this is a bit confusing in the guide. I think it is more referred to creating tasks that are marked as templates and not really “task templates”

You might consider using the new bundle feature instead.

Also here is an existing feedback request thread for you to upvote



In addition to @Andrea_Mayer’s good post, and as you suspect I think, you’d need to just create a project for this purpose, perhaps call it Task Templates, make it accessible to all, and house all your task templates there, but they’d need to be re-homed (add to project) to the destination project.

You could potentially automate part of this, as I describe in this post:

@Forum-team, the help page reference is a doc error if you can pass along.




Thanks for flagging, @lpb! I’ll send a task to our content team!

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Hi Andrea and Larry, thanks so much for your reply! And the workarounds - will give it a try!

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