Template Tasks in Template Projects

Hi ya’ll! I created templated tasks within a templated project and have noticed it doesn’t generate those to go with the templated project. It seems something that should be linked together if you are generating them within the project to really make them useful. Am I missing a setting somewhere for this?

It would also make more sense for those templated tasks to live in the template project rather then be generated at the bottom of every new project without being able to be used. At the moment its not very useful that the “completed” task templates exist but can’t be used or function in the project.

Hello @Kayla_Bayens! While you are able to configure a Task Template in a Project Template, they indeed are not supported at this current time.

Task templates don’t currently copy over when you duplicate projects. This applies to creating a project from a Project Template as well. This is something Asana is aware of and I’m certain they are working hard to change this behavior.

In the meantime, be sure to upvote this post: Task Templates Within Project Templates