Copy/Paste tasks within project templates

I’m really confused as to why there isn’t a functionality to copy paste tasks (including subtasks) within project template and more importantly WHY is it not possible to duplicate a template as a whole.

It genuinely seems like a no-brainer and a very, incredibly basic functionality to add (copy pasting/duplicating is an absolute bare minimum, especially since the functionality already exists elsewhere in the product)

Having to rebuild a template from scratch each time is just insane. I’m using the workaround to create a project and save that as a template but that doesn’t carry through roles etc and is just an unnecessary waste of time

This is single handedly making me hate Asana right now and wish we didn’t move over from a competitor tool . Please for the love of god ALLOW FOR COPY PASTING AND DUPLICATION

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Thanks for sharing your feedback @Natália_Amorim! We don’t have immediate plans to implement the option to copy and paste tasks in project templates but this is in our team’s radar.

In regard to the ability to duplicate a project template, you can upvote for this request here: Allowing for duplicating of Project Templates We will share updates in the thread as soon as we have any news :slight_smile:

This is why I think it shouldn’t be a thing:

Well, I believe that the function existing doesn’t mean you’re obligated to use it, right? So you can just… not duplicate your templates if you’re not gonna stay on top of your processes. It’s not rocket science.

I think for those of us who clearly need it (and apparently have been asking for it since 2022) it would make everyone’s lives easier.

I just spent a couple of days just working on rebuilding multiple versions of the same template — that’s ridiculous and frankly unacceptable, it shouldn’t have taken me more than a couple minutes/hours by duplicating and making small alterations

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Hi! I think a work around that may help is if you have a main template that you are keeping most of the tasks from and just changing a few, you could create a project using that main template - make the necessary task changes and then save that project into a new template. Not the exact same as what you are looking for, but it is easier than creating a template from scratch each time!

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Using that logic, Asana would have implemented Assign multiple assignees on one task a long time ago. And I’m glad they never will.

In my opinion Modular Templates would be a far superior solution to this problem.

Copying templates creates information redundancy, and this will lead to both errors and resistance - read “a lot of work” - to change.

Modular templates would allow you to easily make variations without introducing redundant overlap.