Allowing for duplicating of Project Templates

I am loving Project Templates 2.0 but one thing I wish it had so far while using has been the ability to duplicate a project template. My team uses an Asana project template for onboarding and I want to make another onboarding project template for another type of position, but I don’t want to start from scratch and would much rather copy an existing template I already have.

I know the workaround is me creating a project from an existing template and then making that newly created project a template itself, but that won’t preserve the relative start and end dates I’ve defined and these projects have lots of tasks in them. I’d rather not have to go task by task and redo these.



@pdmcdermott be sure to upvote your own idea :wink:

Asana launches an MVP (minimum viable product) first then adds functionality over time so I would bet this comes quickly.


Thanks for the feedback, @pdmcdermott1 I’ll be sure to pass this on to our Product team!


This would make my life so much easier…thanks for the suggestion, @pdmcdermott!!


totally agree - we have similar but different project with the same “skeletal backbone” - this feature is a must!


Thousand percent. Not having this is a huge pain.


Same here…just wanting to be another voice for this feature. Would love to be able to duplicate a template, edit and then save as a new template.


Dying for this!

Much needed option. Eagerly waiting for this.

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YES! We spend some much time making our templates it hurts to start from scratch.


It’s a workaround but you can create a project using the template and then use “Save as template” from the project section.

This way you don’t have to create everything from scratch.


I recognized this workaround, but doing this doesn’t preserve the relative start and end dates of the tasks in the project, which is a major inconvenience.


Chiming in — I often need to create new templates based on existing ones, and not being able to do so via direct duplication is a major downside to Asana. Having to create a project from the existing template and then save that project as a new template is inefficient and time-consuming, particularly because of the relative due date issue that others mentioned above. If we could directly duplicate templates, it would save a lot of people a lot of time! Hoping this will be on the roadmap soon.


@Rebecca_McGrath Hi! What’s the status of this? Looks like it would be beneficial for a lot of users.


Just started using Asana today and this is already an issue for me. The ability to duplicate Templates is important to my usage, and seems like a very odd omission.

How can you create a copy of template without creating a project from the original template as an intermediate step?

If you are referring to templates V2, you can check out my latest post Project templates V2: what we gain, what we lose we discovered (:scream: 5.) that you can’t…


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Gerald_Garcia! As Bastien mentioned, this option is currently not available. Hopefully we can implement it in the future!

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Can we get an update on template duplication? It is SO frustrating that we can’t do something so simple. It has been almost a year since Templates 2.0 launched. With added features like roles, it is even more critical to be able to duplicate templates so we don’t have to set the roles up for each template that we create.


Have just started onboarding new clients who use Portfolio Management and have multiple Projects under each that would use the same Template, so being unable to duplicate Templates is a HUGE issue.

The workaround I’ve done is to Create a Project for “Task Templates” I make the Task in there under a Section named for the Project it belongs to, create the Template there, and then add the Template to other Projects, but this is a huge pain for the team since they now need to be familiar with a Project that they don’t work in and have nothing to do with, i.e. the Task Template Project.

A Global Task Template feature is DESPERATELY NEEDED.