Copying tasks, including metadata

My team uses a handful of templates to create new projects. The new projects are not carbon copies of the templates, but mix and match different groups of tasks. This means that we can’t simply duplicate projects, but need to grab groups of tasks and copy them over to the new project.

Unfortunately, when doing this, the tasks lose all their metadata - milestone/approval settings, descriptions, assignees, etc.

I know I can duplicate the project, then double-assign the group of tasks, the delete the duplicate. But that’s SO TEDIOUS for what seems like should just be a simple copy-paste.

This is the one thing that would make Asana SO MUCH EASIER for us to use.


ALSO: I was super excited about the announcement of task templates, but they don’t function at all like we would need them to in order to support this workflow.

In your case a solution might be to have a project templates containing the possible “groups” and simply delete the ones you don’t need after you create a project based on the template. If those groups are represented as sections, you are a few clicks away from removing several groups in a few seconds. Would that work?