Copy a Grouping of Tasks?

I have a project with about 20 tasks that will be repeated for like equipment. I have 10 pieces of equipment with each duplicating these 20 tasks. Is there a way to copy the 20-tasks and paste into each piece of equipment versus re-typing all 20? In other words, Equipment #1 has 20-tasks, I want to copy the 20-tasks to Equipment #2, then Equipment #3 and so on.


Hi @Andrew_Fiore

Will task templates resolve this?

Not sure, I’m new to Asana, just began working with the product last week. I was hoping there was a copy & paste feature, but that doesn’t sounds like an option. I’ll need to explore / play with the task template functionality . Thanks

You can duplicate a task. Right-click on it and duplicate. But I think task templates are the best option.

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