Bulk copy or clone tasks into another project


We currently have a template project which contains many sections and tasks we may need for any new project coming in. This way instead of setting up all new tasks for a new project manually, we can just copy across the entire workflow which we have premade in the template project.

Currently, if you drag and drop a group of tasks from one project to another, it deletes them in the original project. If you use the duplicate function, you can only do it for a single task at a time. It would be really great if there was an option to do this in bulk.

Our current workaround is to make a copy of the entire template project, copy across any workflows we need into the project we are working on, and then delete the copy of the template project which can be a bit painful.



Hi @Sam_White1, thanks for your feedback!

You are right, it’s currently not possible to duplicate tasks in bulk. I’ve sent your feedback to our team internally so they can consider it in future updates. I’ll make sure to update this thread if I have any updates about this feature!